Research and development

FILTRONtec's fine dust filters and gas filters are constantly being further developed and optimized. Through our research and development efforts, we have not only been able to increase the separation rate of the fine dust filter for greater air speed, but at the same time also reduced the size of the filter.

FILTRONtec is currently developing a new user-friendly concept of a gas filter. This should substantially simplify the filter assembly and any necessary replacement of the filter carbon. Furthermore, the pressure loss of the activated carbon filter is to be significantly reduced.

In the laboratory, we are continually examining the mechanical and chemical properties of the active charcoals products available on the market. In test series, pressure loss, deposition efficiency and expected useful life of the active carbon filter are determined under different conditions and the influencing factors are analyzed.

Luftfilter für Straßentunnel
Forschungsarbeiten im Labor Ilgen
Forschungsarbeiten im Labor Ilgen