Research and development

FILTRONtec's fine dust filters and gas filters are constantly being further developed and optimised. Our research and development activities have not only enabled us to increase the separation rate of the fine dust filter for greater air speed but also reduce the size of the filter at the same time.

FILTRONtec is currently developing a new and user-friendly concept for a gas filter. This should substantially simplify the filter assembly and any necessary replacement of the filter carbon. Furthermore, any loss of pressure in the activated carbon filter should be significantly reduced.

In the laboratory, we are continually examining the mechanical and chemical properties of the active charcoal products available on the market. We run various series of tests to determine the pressure loss, deposition efficiency and expected useful life of the active carbon filter under different conditions and analyse the influencing factors.

Since mid-2023, FILTRONtec has also been working on the development of a filter system for metro stations. Worldwide measurements in such stations have shown that the concentrations of pollutants there are often well above the limits permitted in the ambient air. With the help of funding from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM), we are developing and testing a system that will be characterised by very good separation rates, innovative design and sustainability.

air filters for road tunnels
ambient air purifier
Test bench for testing of ESP modules up to 5000 m³/h

Test bench for testing of ESP modules up to 5000 m³/h